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Content is King. don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. With the right content, you can make your next project viral. It’s important for The Mob to know what your content is or, where it will be distributed and what is the goal of sharing the content.

The Mob has a vast network of blogs and content sites where your content can be posted as well. If you are looking for placement, you have come to the right place.

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Social Media: Campaigns, Launch, Content Deck

Social media is a living entity that needs to be fed consistently with quality posts that will engage and grow your audience. But who has all that time to create, curate, post, schedule, monitor, handle, respond…. The Mob’s Press does! We take the stress out of managing, handling and monitoring your accounts so you can concentrate on being creative, productive and awesome.

The Mob can increase your online visibility and brand awareness using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin and more. We don’t just share content, we create and curate in order to fuel your channels with the right content catered to your audience and their engagement.

Featured/Sponsored Content

Need to get the word out to a new audience? The Mob has city network sites in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Los Angeles and New York. Our topics are the arts, comedy and culture. We are happy to post articles about artists, movies, venues as long as the topic and tone stays positive. The Mob also has a Hollywood celebrity site and a cannabis site called Puffin’ Style. See our content sites here. 

Reviews/ Interviews

As we support artists, we know how important it is to create content on third-party sites that they can point to. Writing reviews about a new album, a new show or doing an interview to promote your event is what The Mob does best. See details about our Event Coverage.


Need to take it a step further? We have our 21Ton Studios fully equipped and ready to go for your content needs. Podcast, video interviews, product photography, The Mob’s Press can accommodate your needs. Check out The Mob Creative Studios for details.


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