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    Hire the Mob to cover your next event online and on the ground.

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    The Mob has a team dedicated to making you visible and clickable online through social media, email marketing and targetted ad campaigns

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    Are you a Writer? Photographer? Content creator? The Mob is looking for you! Join our team of mobsters and cover events around your city.


Events & Artists

We cover, support & promote

We are an online marketing, promotions and event ticketing company for Artists & Cultural Producers. We promote, support and cover the arts, comedy and culture scene of the cities we represent.

Think of us as a dynamic media outlet that can create, curate and convert your content into direct sales for your event and your brand. We write reviews, build websites, cover events, run social media campaigns and more. We have all the services and tools needed to get your name visible online, a team of content creators ready to tweet the word, and the business know-how to drive results.

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Get Online Management

Mob Artists

Branding. A&R. Management. Sales. The Internet. The business landscape for today’s emerging artist has changed dramatically. Our team can build and execute a tactical online management plan that maximizes the assets, resources, and networks you currently have to build your brand and your business.

What is a Mob Artist? It’s a writer, a photographer, a comedian, a singer, an entrepreneur, a venue owner, a festival organizer – anyone who has decided to take their brand, content and creativity to the next level. By becoming a Mob Artist, you’ll be backed by a team ready to help you grow with the services you need when you need them. Every step of the way, The Mob will be there to grow your success.


Evolving Website
$199.99per month
  • Splash page with your domain*
  • Website updates (4/mo)
  • Event & ticketing white-glove services
  • Profile listed on site
  • Network-wide promotions
  • Design marketing materials (business cards, posters...)
  • Social media posts (4/mo)
  • 24/7 client support with one main contact
  • Events Listed in FB Event Group
  • Opportunities Review Session
  • Hosting free for 1 year
Splash Page Website
$500one time
  • Domain Name*
  • Google Sitemap
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics + 1 training session
  • Email and Web Hosting
  • One email with custom domain name.
  • Email capture form integration
  • Free Hosting for 1 Year
One Page Website
$975one time
  • Domain Name*
  • Google Sitemap
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics + 2 training sessions
  • Custom menu with anchor links
  • Email and Web Hosting
  • Monthly reports
  • 2 emails with custom domain name.
  • Email marketing service set-up and integration
  • Free Hosting for 1 Year
5 Page Website
$2000one time
  • Domain Name
  • Google Sitemap
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics + 3 training sessions
  • Email & Web Hosting
  • Monthly reports
  • 4 emails with a custom domain name
  • Email marketing service set-up and integration


Mob Coverage

Our Content Networks

With thousands visiting our media publishing sites in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Los Angeles- our stories, reviews, interviews, social sharing and more can travel far, deep and wide. Leverage our extended network of culture lovers, festival partners and content creators to get your brand and name seen on the World Wide Web.



Show Review on Social Media
$150per show
  • Event Listing
  • 2 Social media posts before the event
  • 2 Social media posts during the event
  • 2 Social media posts after the event
  • -
  • -
Show Review on Network
$200per show
  • Event Listing
  • 3 Social Media posts (before, during and after)
  • Promo post before show
  • Review published 24 hours after show
  • -
Show Review w/ Photographer
$300per show
  • Event Listing
  • 3 Social Media posts (before, during and after)
  • Promo post before show
  • Review 24 hours after show
  • Photo Album (10)

Mob Events

Event & Ticketing Management

As an Event Producer, you will have everything you need to create your event listing, manage and sell tickets on The Mob’s Press Ticketing Site. Promote to our 11,000+ cultural users who visit our sites every month. Plus, take advantage of our “White Glove” customer service feature where we take care of your event inquiries while you take care of making your event a successful one.

The Mob’s Press for Events and Tickets.

You can now find all the events and ticketing services at tickets.themobspress.com

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Mob Promotions

Promotional Campaigns

It’s a fact, pretty girls get more action and you will get more action, meetings and sales the sexier you look online. But they have to be able to find you online. From websites to splash pages to logos and everything else in between, we make your online ass-ets look great in those jeans.

Once you got those jeans, you need some accessories to complete that outfit. Stand out with fresh, new content for your feeds that will keep your audience engaged and sharing.

Need a social media campaign to drive more eyeballs to your brand – we can do it! Need a customer acquisition campaign to drive more sales – we can do it! Need a street team to drive engagement for your event – we can do it!  The right promotion, the right campaign, the right tactic at the right time. That’s what we do.



Featured Editorial Piece
$150per piece
  • In-person/over the phone interview
  • Min 600 word article
  • Published on all networks
  • Artist of week placement when piece is published
Email Marketing - Newsletter
$350per month
  • Text and visuals created monthly
  • Mailchimp account creation and/or configuration
  • Results are measured and exported
  • -
Event/Launch Press Release
$500per release
  • 500-word press release
  • 3 rounds of edits
  • Pushed through our contacts and network
  • -
Social Media Campaign
$75030 day campaign
  • 15 piece content deck and strategy
  • Engage and monitor campaign
  • Implement measurement tools
  • Lead capture integration
  • End of campaign report

Coming soon

Mob Eats

We can’t deny that food is its own form of art and culture. So we decided to bring food to The Mob and bring The Mob to you. Voila……MOB EATS.

Mob Eats will support, promote and cover the foodie culture while growing a promotional platform where food creators, innovators, influencers, and restaurateurs can showcase their contributions to this delicious realm.

Coming soon!

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