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What the Mob has to offer

The Mob’s Press offers a variety of services to comedians, performers and cultural producers who are seeking event and media coverage. Through our network of blogs, we can promote your event in different cities, send out content creators to write reviews and share your campaigns on our social media channels.

Our prices are built to compensate our bloggers and photographers with a minimum going back into administration. Our goal is not only to support the artists we cover but to give fresh writers and photographers a place to express themselves, experience in the field, opportunities to get paid gigs and joining a team that will help them grow in the entertainment industry.

We believe it’s important to have a creative platform and medium to express yourself. The Mob’s Press can do that for you and has been doing it since 2012. When you hire the mob, you support the art, comedy and culture industry and more importantly, the artists we are dedicated to promoting.

See our services below. If you’d like to learn more about our packages and pricing, please click here. To request a quote on reviews or content creation, please contact us.


Our Services

Show Reviews

Get your festivals, shows, and events reviewed by the mob. We create the social press that you're looking for and give you that boost with real content your audience is looking for.

Event Coverage

Let the mob cover your whole event from start to end. We live-tweet, FB posts, Instagram, write reviews…we give you all the buzz needed to spread the word about your event: before, during and after.


Promote your event through our event listing, our social media campaigns, online advertising catered to every budget, press releases on our blogs and more!

Ticket Outlet

Want to offer your guests the ability to buy tickets to your show! Now you can with the Mob's Ticket Outlet Service.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is our best friend! Let us know your plan and we'll design a campaign to target your audience and drive traffic to your goal.

Mob for Hire

The mob is a group of bloggers and photographers who will cover your show from ground zero. Hire your personal media team for your next event.

Wanna Join the Mob?

If you blog, love to attend shows and enjoy meeting new people then we want you! Click the button to find out how you can join the mob.