Mob Artist – Evolving Website

$179.99 / month

Hire the Mob and get your online management started today!

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Once you sign up, a dedicated mobster will contact you to get you started on your journey to online visibility. The Mob’s Press will show you the benefits of being a Mob Artist and help your efforts of achieving your goals as a comedian, musician, venue promoter, model, burlesque dancer, festival organizer or local hot spot. All are welcome!

Get started by joining the Mob as a Mob Artist and get:

  1. Splash page with your domain*
  2. Website updates (4/mo)
  3. Event & ticketing white-glove services
  4. Profile listed on site
  5. Network-wide promotions
  6. Design marketing materials (business cards, posters…)
  7. Social media posts (4/mo)
  8. 24/7 client support with one main contact
  9. Events Listed in FB Event Group
  10. Opportunities Review Session
  11. Hosting free for 1 year

Your Splash page will evolve into a One-Page and then into a 5-Page over a year. The idea of the evolving website means that we evolve and grow with you and your goals. Once you hire us, The Mob’s Press will represent you on a case by case, bringing you the right team based on the project.

Taxes not included.

*Your custom domain name is not included in the cost of this package. If you do not own a domain name, we can purchase one for you at the cost of $20.


  • After one year, if you choose not to continue working with us, you will have to pay a $20/mo hosting fee or move the website to your own hosting service provider to keep your website online.
  • The Mob’s Press will share your content on our social media channels and our content networks. The quantity and content chosen to share are up to the discretion of The Mob.
  • The Mob will give you access to their network of media, venue and festival contacts when the opportunity calls for it.
  • Costs for delivery and shipping of marketing materials are not included.


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