New Sincerity Works


“The music is like hearing your best friend sing.  And who wouldn’t want to hear that?”

Fans of New Sincerity Works get it.  Mike Tittel, the founder of this amazing band, basically made it happen because he had been a drummer his whole life, playing in the background of many bands, and no one ever asked him to play guitar or sing in a band…, so he asked himself.

“The music won’t shock anyone to the core.  But it might make people who never sing, sing.”

– Mike Tittel


Melody is important to Tittel, and you can hear that in every thoughtfully written song on their new album, “Wonder Lust“.  The songs speak of love’s mid-life crisis, not young, early, puppy love, and not jaded, cynical, and over-it love.  He’s, somehow found the sweet spot on this album.

Live, New Sincerity Works, rocks as a band of well-versed musicians who take having fun at their craft incredibly seriously, as if they’ve been doing it all their lives (most of them have).  Guiding the bands feel and mood is generations of experience playing live and in studio.  They all come from different places, speaking different musical languages, but what brings them together is the undeniable passion to play great music with good friends.

“This band is like summer camp; it’s a great diversion from our normal routine to make honest music the way bands used to.”

– Roger Klug (guitarist)


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