Joshua Doerksen


Rhythmic Healer

Joshua Doerksen has the elixir to what ails you, whether it’s the corporate rat race or your inner demons.  He mixes the right amount of electronic tones, world instrumentation, traditional chants and vocal looping to create a digital tribal sound.  The right dose of this mixture has been known to elicit an experience of altered reality or trance known to many aboriginal cultures as “dream time” or “spirit realm” where the free flow of unfiltered self-expression leads to truth insight and awakening.

Joshua, himself, is an actual well-traveled shaman, who throughout his travels was exposed to several different styles of traditional world music which were often used in healing ceremonies and rituals.

After obtaining a university degree in classical music and opening himself to expanding genres, Joshua currently performs with DJs and drummers, and also performs during yoga and meditation classes.  He’s also expressed his inner artist by collaborating with artists in other mediums such as dancing and painting, most notably recently working with the National Ballet of Canada.  He’s got the right groove for your soul.

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