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Won’t Lead You Astray

These guys are lifers, and they always land on their feet.  Felix & The Cats is Bob “Felix” Pelletier (guitar, vocals), Chris Bender (drums), & Neil “NeMo” Morris (bass).  Felix has been doing this since he was 13, he started his first band when he was 17, up in Kapuskasing.  His various talents have taken him across the country.  Tired of just covering other people’s material, Felix has, over the last decade, starting writing and recording his own music in his “man-cave”.  Felix & The Cats is the culmination of this creativity.

Chris brings years of experience in the realm of drumming, playing in a variety of genres and bands, from metallo-psychadelic to straight ahead party rock, and most recently progressive rock, and just about everything in between.  With strong vocals, he easily rounds out the sound of the Cats.

NeMo’s reputation of professionalism, skill and enthusiasm always enters the room before he does.  Although he has mastered the bass, he is also adept in other instruments as well.  Watching him, you know he loves what he does.



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