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True artists live for connection.  No matter the medium, the artist wants to reach you.  For the artist, success isn’t just measured in sales or likes, it’s also measured in how their art speaks to or effects the human condition.  Dee Bronte is that special type of artist that literally is what she does.

“If I couldn’t sing – I think I’d just die. Honestly…’s my purpose,  nothing brings me more joy,  and fear, and pain.  It’s the thing I am most afraid of and yet, it’s the thing I want most, so I guess it’s my greatest love.”

Words that are most likely tattooed on her soul.  She is an individual committed to her craft.

Dee likens her creative style to the characteristics of the albatross. Independent, free-spirited and graceful in its travels to overcoming limitations — Dee embraces this bird’s spirit to create music. Not surprising that one of her favorite singles Come Around, in Dee’s own words, is about “the road blocks we create for ourselves and how lovely things could be if we got out of our own way.  It’s about the possibility of something.”

With a solid foundation of support from her fans, loved ones, and collaborators, Dee has churned their influence into a beautifully resonating acoustic blend of pop, R&B and urban music with her new album – “Preface”. Buy it here.


Pop · R&B · Singer · Soul

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