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Where Food gets promoted

The Mob recognizes the foodie industry as an artistic stem within the arts & culture of any city. We now offer a new way to promote their brand online. Just like artists, chefs need a marketing partner that is catered to their needs.
Mob Eats is our new department that will cover, support and promote all aspects of food: the chefs that create these delicious servings of art, the mixologists that create fusions in a glass and the restaurant owners who offer experiences around flavour and taste. The Mob is here for you.

Restaurant Reviews

Do you have a new restaurant? Need to promote your new menu? We have various options that will guarantee you added exposure and new traffic to your brand online.

  • Free Restaurant Listing/Profile added to our Mob Events site.
  • Free Restaurant Review shared on your local Mob City publishing network.
  • Paid Review by an influential food blogger or artist. (Restaurant pays for full meal plus $150 for written review)


Food Bloggers

Are you a food blogger looking for a place to contribute your awesome food experiences? Be a part of The Mob’s Press team of Mobsters! Scour your city tasting, drinking and writing about delicious foods and cocktails in the dynamic world of cuisines and creations that restaurants, mixologists and chefs have to offer.

Already have a foodie brand? Perfecto! We’re happy to collaborate with you and grow each other’s audience. Click the button and join The Mob today!


Custom Pastries

Get tasty

Get your own custom pastry for your next event. Cakes, cupcakes, cookies we make it all. And being The Mob, we’re open to all ideas outside the box.

Custom Cookies

  • Scrumptious tasty custom edibles (elaborate to complex)
High End Cakes (Special Events/Corporate)
  • Custom cakes (from elaborate to complex designs)
Custom Branded Artist Pastries
  • Amplify your brand in a uniquely marketable and delectable way that can be used for events, contests, campaigns, giveaways…and so much more!


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