Online Video Festival

Since the world is in a tough spot, we all need a laugh – The Mob’s Press is announcing an online video festival to showcase Canadian comedians:

The Great Canadian House Arrest Comedy Fest!

Calling all comedians to submit a video today!

Logo design by Reese Turner – @RE_Reeset

The Mob’s Press is curating a showcase of Canada’s top comedic talent and you’re invited to send in a video clip to participate.

The Great Canadian House Arrest Comedy Fest is in direct response to the COVID-19 bans on large gatherings that have closed venues and halted live, in-person performances.

While everyone is under house-arrest, self-quarantine, and lock down – Let’s give Canada a laugh on us. From now until April 7th, we will be accepting comedy video submissions for airing during the festival. Beginning April 1st we will drop a number of videos everyday on social media. The festival is scheduled to run for the month of April, depending on how many submissions we receive. Multiple submissions acceptable.

Submit Your Video

To participate simply follow the instructions below!

Dig around your hard drive and send us your best video clip. We recommend up to 5 minutes.

Video format preferred is horizontal format 16:9 ratio.

(If you have a longer set, you can send it along but remember people’s attention span!)

It could be archive footage of you performing a stand-up set, sketch piece or produced short. We will also accept new pieces you record from home.  As long as its funny, well shot, and the sound quality is clear, send it in!


Send us your video clip as .mpg, .mp4, .avi or .mov using We transfer or Google drive to bossjo@themobspress.com please include your name, bio, social media links and any caption you’d like to add when we share it!


Simply fill out the form below with your information, and attach your video file as .mpg, .mp4, .avi or .mov – We cannot share your video in the festival if you only send a link. You MUST send the actual video FILE to participate.


How Does It Work?



I send my video, then what happens?

We will add a quick title bumper to the video to show it was aired during the festival, and it will then be posted across The Mob’s Press Youtube Channel and FB page and made available for cross-posting to be shared with on our social media channels.


What do I get?

This is a great opportunity to showcase your comedy to the country while everyone is at home on lockdown. It’s free to participate, and it’s a feel-good opportunity.  Let us help you get some added visibility, and let’s give Canada a laugh on us.

The goal of this project is to send relief in the form of laughter to all the Canadians staying home looking for something to do and watch.

The Mob’s Press is donating its time to curate this online video festival to further provide online visibility and opportunities for Canadian Comedians to shine. The Mob’s Press is not making any money from your videos. All videos will be running ad-free to ensure we are not profiting from your video.

This event is one of the many projects that The Mob’s Press will be taking on to create new opportunities for comedians. Join our mailing list for additional opportunities to grow and succeed in your comedy career. We at the Mob’s Press have always been dedicated to helping artists succeed.

Get in on the laughs!

We Support Canadian Comedy

Comedy is an Art Form

The Mob’s Press is proud to support the efforts of The Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians (CASC).

Please support Canadian Comedians by donating to the Emergency Relief Fund for Canadian Comedians.

For more information about Canadian Comedy and how you can show your support, please visit canadianstandup.ca

The Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians