$350.00 / month for 6 months

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The first step to being is booked is being found. Get a full website with your own domain:

  1. One podcast episode per week
  2. 10 – 20 minutes raw audio length
  3. Podcast Network Setup
  4. Website links set up
  5. Editing*
  6. 1 social media post per episode drop
  7. 4 newsletter mentions

*The goal is to create a polished, smooth flowing conversation so that listeners will not be able to tell that any edits have
been made.

● Editing out any major gaps (heavy or long breath) in the conversation to ensure a smooth flow.
● Audio-production enhancements, including vocal balancing, vocal compression, noise reduction, hiss/hum
removal, and equalization.
● Mixing in any intros, outros, commercials, or music bumpers.
● Converting to high-quality MP3.
● Tagging the MP3 file with the proper ID3 Meta Tags.
● Adding Album Art, Title, and SEO Tags.
● Completed MP3 delivered to either your Dropbox folder or media host.
● One podcast episode per week, 10 to 20 minutes raw audio length.*

Podcast album artwork is an additional $50/hr. We estimate 2-3 hours for full creative and two iterations. Excludes studio recording, however, we can provide with locations that provide these services.