Mob Artist Package

$19.99 / month

Hire the Mob and get your online management started today!

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Once you sign up, a dedicated mobster will contact you to get you started on your journey to online visibility. The Mob’s Press will show you the benefits of being a Mob Artist and how we can help your efforts of achieving your goals as a comedian, musician, venue promoter, model, burlesque dancer, festival organizer or local hot spot. All are welcome!

Get started by joining as a Mob Artist and get:

  1. Mob Artist Profile
  2. Mob Artist Affiliate Account
  3. 1 Social Media post/mo

This package is dedicated to leveraging your network while growing it to a new audience. Once you hire us, The Mob’s Press will represent you on a case by case, bringing you the right team based on the project.

Taxes not included.


  • The Mob will give you access to their network of media, venue and festival contacts when the opportunity calls for it.
  • Costs for delivery and shipping of marketing materials are not included.


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