Mob Artist – Annually

$549.99 / year

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Get started by joining the Mob as a Mob Artist and get:

  1. Mob Artist Profile
  2. 2 Newsletter (max 300 words)
  3. 2 free studio hours
  4. Studio Hours @ $30/hour*
  5. 1 social media post a month
  6. Mob Affiliate Event Producer account
  7. Opportunities review session (1 Hr)

The Mob Affiliate Event Producer Account allows you to list your events, sell tickets and make money for every referral that comes through and purchase through your links.

You can upgrade/downgrade your membership at any time. We’re happy to show you how the benefits of being a Mob Artist can help your efforts and help you achieve your goals as a comedian, musician, venue promoter, model, burlesque dancer, festival organizer or local hot spot. All are welcome!

*A maximum of 2 hours a month. After it goes to regular price $50.




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