Monthly Coverage


Hire the full mob to maximize your festival promotions for 30 days! Get live tweets, promo posts, reviews, fan engagement, interviews, tagged images and all the social media buzz you need to make your production a success live and online. We use paid advertising, newsletter placements and e-blasts to boost all aspects of your festival.

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What you get with monthly coverage:

  1. We will post you festival on our site 1 month prior
  2. The mob will promote the events on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter
  3. The Mob will promote the events on Instagram
  4. You will have up to seven bloggers to attend your shows, share live tweets, do interviews and write promo post & reviews. Minimum of 30 posts.
  5. You will have up to 3 photographers to take pictures of live events, ticketed events and capture the special moments of your festival. You will have a minimum of 100 professionally finished Mob images you can share on your social media channels.

The Mob will meet with the organizer to confirm show(s) details, blogger/photographer names, event access, content creating and more. We are dedicated to  fun, quality and professional coverage. Our bloggers/photographers will have a schedule to follow and deadlines to meet prioritized by the organizers. Contact Johanne for special requests and information.