twenty one ton

Twenty One Ton

A Consortium of Industry Professionals

Twenty One Ton began with founder Andrew Shaw back in 2001 as a sole proprietorship developing websites and content management solutions for companies engaged in early-stage dot-com projects.

Formerly partnered with Ken Kroesser, a USA born branding expert, the company established itself in the white label brand development services business based in Toronto, Canada.

After coupling brand excellence with innovative content management solutions, the founder had a successful experience monetizing, CARP and several other large publisher websites including several that were publicly traded.

For over ten years our development consultancy has been fundamental in many start-up projects, with several having been successfully acquired as per strategy.

We’ve assembled a strategic group of geniuses from our years of past work in big-city agencies, and we’re now rolling out a new suite of services.

In addition to our web development practice, we’ve now expanded into social media management and PPC optimization, we are Google Advance Search Marketing and Acquisio Fundamentals certified.

We are dedicated to serving our roster of private clients, and agencies on a direct or white-label basis.

The team has been assembled to provide you with senior expertise for online advertising, web design, customer acquisition, email list and digital marketing campaigns.

We leverage content producers and their professional networks to deliver excellence in various disciplines including digital, print, direct mail, contact center and broadcast media.

Each consulting team member engaged with the consortium has many years of proven success in adverting, design, dot-com, social media, business analytics and content publishing respectively.

We are able to help almost any organization develop and launch complex, multi-touch campaigns requiring integrated marketing disciplines geared to successful customer & subscriber acquisition.

Wiggle Room

Located in the heart of Montreal’s notorious St. Laurent Boulevard, across from Schwartz’s, The Wiggle Room is the Bootleg Baby of this city’s Bawdy family tree. Born out of a desire to bring a traditional Vaudeville spirit back to the street that was once known as Montreal’s “hardened artery,” The Wiggle Room is committed to providing high quality live shows.


The Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedy

It’s a place where we can be serious about the business of being funny.

The primary goal of The Association is to create and build upon opportunities for success for Canadian stand-up comedians. The first initiative is elevating stand-up comedy to a recognized art form in Canada. This helps make our work eligible for government funding at all levels.

As a Member, stand-up comedians will directly benefit from actions taken by The Association. We are committed to facilitating greater access for Canadian comics to share their craft and improve their Canadian perspective on the world both domestically and internationally.

If you would like to get involved with any of the current initiatives or Committees, or if you have an idea for an initiative or Committee, please contact us at

Just Me Art’ And Conseil

Just Me Art’ And Conseil is an agency managed by Sonia Dari whose goal is to plan different sort of artistic events thanks to its large range of artists: comedians, singers, magicians entertainers, dancers and hypnotists.


Based out of France, the Just Me Art’ And Conseil Agency specializes in artistic development and event management focusing on communication, marketing and talent development at all levels. Representing a diverse range of multi-disciplinary artists, Just Me Art’And Conseil anchors its uniqueness in the French landscape thanks to its originality, exclusivity and prestige.

Sonia Dari, founder of Just Me Art’And Conseil and Dari Show Comedy, is a media professional, animator, columnist and producer working in the events and entertainment domain for more over 20 years. Her imagination, creativity, ambition and motivation is what moves this organization.

Just Me Art’ And Conseil is more than a simple event agency, they are a real source of ideas. Find out more about their company, services and talent they represent.


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