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On California noise rock trio, Sterile Jets, most recent release, “No Gods No Loss“, they continue on their exploration of the discontents of modern life with unflinching honesty, extreme music, and earsplitting volume.  Read the featured article on our city site, MobAngeles, here.

Sterile Jets make non-conformist music, in every sense of the word.  They don’t claim any particular style or genre, and their lyrics are struggle based, whether it be the band’s struggles, those of their fans, or those that they confront in the world on a daily basis.  They compose and arrange every song to bring out its best elements, delving deeply into punk, post rock, jazz, and metal, with visits to the world of rockabilly, grunge, and even pop.  If the courage, honesty, and energy of punk’s primal explosion is your bag, you will find it in the uncompromising sounds of the Sterile Jets.

They describe their sound as “if Sonic Youth fucked the Velvet Underground and had an unruly Black Flag baby.”  Drawing from life experiences, dive bars, drug abuse, and the absurd hypocrisies of civilization, Sterile Jets music is original, jarring, loud, noisy, and weird.

About “No Gods No Loss”, the Robert Bly Moore (Sterile Jets guitarist and vocalist) says:

“This record was written during a point of collective turmoil… That uncertainty comes out on the record… We just do our best to give you something that’s truly us at that moment… We’re always working to stretch ourselves, and do something different and ‘No Gods’ sees us exploring new time signatures, new rhythms, new lyrical ideas.  We’re constantly challenging ourselves to be better.” 


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