Mayhem’s Finest / Mayhem Brothers


Extraordinary Ground-Shakers

Just like their transition from boys to men, their love of dance changed from hobby to art.  Mayhem’s Finest works together to create outstanding choreography which is born from and highlights their unique freestyle ability.  You might’ve caught them on “So You Think You Can Dance Canada”.

Pulling from several dance genres (B-Boying, Popping & Locking, Dancehall, Salsa, House, etc.), their special way of attacking the beat has been called upon for numerous music videos (Kreesha Turner’s “Bounce With Me“, Raptile “Fight Back“, Carl Henry “Lil Mamma“), commercials (Footlocker, Doritos/Xbox), and movies (Hulk, American Pie Presents Band Camp, How She Move, Camp Rock [1&2]).  They are also the main members of the 6ix Squad for the Toronto Raptors.

The future for Mayhem’s Finest is super lit, and can’t be stopped.  They can be counted on to turn ANY event upside down… literally.

The fellas grew up without male role models, but they are not victims.  Instead, they choose to let that experience inspire them and they have created Mayhem Brothers:  An outlet they use to go into communities and inspire and motivate young adults.  They venture out to schools throughout the Greater Toronto Area to offer an interactive Hip Hop experience that puts the focus on physical activity and positivity.  The Brothers teach the kids the latest dance moves which gives them motivation and also helps them to steal the show at the next family function or birthday party.  It’s a very unique specialty program designed to promote self-confidence, co-ordination, & cardiovascular endurance while advocating a healthy, active school community.



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