Transcendent Love

Not just your average church choir girl, Lauria, is a true singer at heart.  As long as she can remember, singing has been her birthright.  She paid her dues, she rocked spiritual pulpits to the hardwood stage in her high school to the social stage of YouTube, all while taking singing lessons to hone and master her God-given instrument.

Currently studying at Concordia University in Montreal, she spends her free time in her favourite place… the studio.  It’s her euphoric happy place, where she turns nothing into something special.  She wants her fans to connect with her through her music.  It is that connection that unites all of us.

“As I was growing up, nothing made me happier than singing… I don’t think of having a genre.  I just do music that makes me feel alive, that makes me feel something.  I’m so passionate about music because I’ve had the experience, when I’ve discovered new artists or new songs, where I had to stop whatever I was doing to just let the chills of a melody take over me. ” –  Lauria

Lauria, shortened from her full name of Florie-Laure Zadigue Dubé, dropped her single, “Losing Me” in 2018.  It is gaining traction as she is being recognized as one of the youngest, more thought-provoking, intriguing and enigmatic artists in her field.  You need to find her at your next event.


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