King Ropes


On King Ropes’ debut album, Dirt, frontman/guitarist Dave Hollier writes deeply expressive songs rooted in the highs and lows of human experience.  King Ropes — the name is borrowed from a Wyoming saddlery store — generates musical and emotional fireworks throughout Dirt, with such insistent tunes as “Dogleg Boy“, “Lurch On Sister“, “International Shortwave” and “Shovel and a Pickaxe” exemplifying Hollier’s vivid songwriting and the band’s infectious punch, maintaining a gritty, organic vibe that underlines the album’s title.  Hollier explains:

“After years of working with my hands, I was at a place in my life with a severe lack of dirt under my fingernails.  So I guess that calling it ‘Dirt’ is a bit of an incantation, hoping to attract more of it back into my life….”

Dirt is the product of a journey that’s taken Hollier and his songs back and forth across the United States before landing him in his home state of Montana.  He describes what inspires his writing:

“I’m interested in the contrasts between urban and rural, eastern and western, sophisticated and raw, sweet and bludgeoning…I used to be a painter, and I had a fascination with the line between abstract and figurative…I was a pretty late bloomer in terms of playing music with any kind of seriousness, and that really happened over the 15 years I lived in Brooklyn.  [Moving to LA] That’s when things really started to gel with the guys I’m playing with now.”

Now, with the long-brewing Dirt a vibrant reality, Hollier is looking forward to taking King Ropes on the road.

“I’m excited to get these songs out in the world…My life has taken me down a bunch of different paths, and to a lot of different places, but right now I’m feeling lucky to be able to dive deep into playing this music.”

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