Gabrielle Lasporte


Modern Goddess

Gabrielle Lasporte can’t narrow it down.  When it comes to creativity, she is passionate about all of it.  Every form of it.  The trademark of a true artist.  She is a brilliant Art Director and Visual Artist based in Toronto, and her steady hand has been the catalyst in the creation of many diverse art pieces across many different forms of media.  But her focus, her expertise, is the art form that is Modern Batik (creating artwork by applying wax and dyes on fabric.)

Through this medium, Gabrielle traverses the human experience through both abstract and representational expression, harnessing the beauty, the power and the elegance of the forces of nature that intimately affect our lives.  Her art flows like water, like life does, taking us to our ultimate destiny.  Her work will move you.  You will see life, dance, love and yourself in it, simultaneously, and for just a moment, your thirst will be quenched.  But only momentarily, as creativity is a never-ending necessity, no one knows that better than Gabrielle, herself.

Gabrielle has shown her works at various events in the Greater Toronto Area including Queen West Art Crawl, The Artist Project, and participated in Toronto ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche as a sponsored artist showing her installation at the Yonge and Dundas H&M window.



Art Director / Visual Artist

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