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A degree from McGill in Science & Architecture didn’t quite fulfill the creative soul that dwells inside of Dana Ben David.  So she found herself at the renowned Harris Institute in Toronto where she later graduated with a diploma in Audio Production.

She can be seen on your TV screen, various theatre stages, and several venues across the country.  She also performs for Toronto-based entertainment companies, weddings, and corporate events.  Her passion is fueled by collaboration.  She is drawn to the creativity in other artists, as every true artist is.

“It’s the soft sweeping of Dana’s voice over keys that brings “Signs” to a boil. She sings of thoughts, uncontrollable, and love, unrelenting, her voice dancing over sparse percussion like a child over stones in a river.” – Oddnugget.com on Dana’s new single “Signs (I Wish I Knew)”

Dana continues to develop and hone her sound and is finding success at every turn as she becomes the singer/songwriter she was meant to be.  She wants her journey to energize and inspire other artists as they go through their own journeys of realization.  Music, art, creativity is universal and something that each of us tap into in some for or another.  This is why collaboration is a great part of what she does.  She is a rising star that you best not turn your back on.



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