Please see our breakdown of fees and how we compare to other ticketing services and apps.

After you’ve compared the pricing and fees, what makes us different white glove customer service. We treat all customers with the same quality of care whether it’s a $10 ticket or a $2000 VIP experience. Everybody will receive top-notch quality service. This is our guarantee to you for choosing The Mob’s Press.

If you have any questions about fees and how they are applied, please contact us at

Ticket Fees

Our fees are based on PayPal service fees and the technology running the system. Our fees go to the content creators and photographers who cover, promote and create the content needed to promote your event. Based on the amount of tickets you have on sale, you will require more customer service. This has been factored into our Site Fees/Tickets Purchaser Fees to ensure your customers will receive white-glove VIP customer service.

Event Ticket Stock Site Fees*  Ticket Purchaser Pays**  Organizer Gets***
0-499 tickets 3.9% + $1.00 3.9% + $1.00 Ticket Face Value
500-1499 tickets 3.9% + $2.00 3.9% + $2.00 Ticket Face Value
 1500 tickets and up 3.9% + $3.00 3.9% + $3.00 Ticket Face Value

*The Organizer has the choice to pass on these fees or include them in the ticket face value. Varies from event to event.

**A 2% fee is applied to the order when purchases are made with credit cards.

***Organizer will be sent Fee Share at the end of the event, once all tickets and transactions have been reconciled.

What the Mob Pays

We use PayPal as our payment gateway to do our transactions. Our fees are based on their fees and can change when PayPal wants to. PayPal adds a 2-3% fee is added to the order total when using a credit card to purchase. This is due to different credit card companies processing fees. Please see table below.

 Place of Sale   PayPal Regular Checkout PayPal Credit Card Checkout
Sales within Canada  2.9% + $0.30 CAD per transaction (excluding the US) PayPal Fee + 2% (4.9% + $0.30CAD)
Sales to the US 3.7% transaction fee + $0.30USD (based on currency received) PayPal Fee + 2% (5.7% + $0.30USD)
 International Sales  3.9% transaction fee + fixed fee (based on currency received) PayPal Fee + 2% (5.9% + fixed fee)

Fixed fees for International currency conversions are available at