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Do you produce many events? Login with your favorite social media account to join the mob as a Mob Organizer and sell tickets.

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It’s simple to submit your event. Just fill in all the fields required in order to get your event approved. We will approve your event within the next 24 hours. You’ll be able to log in, edit your event and share to social media.

WHAT ARE MY FEES? See what you get


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What You Get As A Mob Organizer

Event Customization

You will be able to add your own image, information, date, time and more with The Mob’s Press. Recurring event? No problem!

Event Listing

Your event will be added to The Mob’s Press calendar, our sidebars and our homepage, ready for sharing to your audience.

Google Maps

All you event locations will be connected to Google Maps, making it easier for your audience to find your show.

Attendee list

Get a complete list of your attendees in your Organiser Dashboard, decide what information you require, keep track of your ticket sales and fees.

Mobile Ticketing

All ticket goers will receive payment confirmation as well as an email with all your ticket information, which you can print out.

Blog Network

When your event is submitted, it also gets promoted in our city blogs. We publish promo post and share them to our networks for more press.

Chat Support

Click the red circle and contact us about any problems you may have, questions or features you’d like to see.

Social Media

Every event gets added to our social media promos that go out every week. We tweet, Facebook, Instagram and Pin all the fun!


As an Organizer, you’ll be able to take advantage of reduced price for event coverage. You’ll get 20% off all our services.


Step 1

Fill out the form with your event information including Title, Description and Event image. You can add images, video and links to your event description as well.

Step 2

Enter the date and time of the event. If it’s a recurring event, please add the details by clicking Add Another Rule.


You have 6 different rules you can apply to your event. Whether it’s a 3-day event, a month-long festival or an event that happens every few weeks, you can configure the calendar to do so. You can also add exclusions. For example, if you have a week long festival but have one day of the week when it’s closed, you can exclude that day.


See the different options you can add as exclusions to your event. You have the option of Date, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.


Step 3

Pick your event venue from the drop-down menu of saved venues. If you don’t see your venue, you can add it and save it to our database of locations. Please fill in all details in order for your event to show up on our map search.

Step 4

Add your information as the organizer or of the person organizing the event. This is optional but useful for event-goers if they need more information about your event and the people organizing it.

Step 5

Enter the URL of the event. This can be the Facebook link, your website or any other link that has information about your event.

 Step 6

Enter the cost of your event to complete the process.

That’s it! Once your event has been submitted, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your submission. Within 24 hours, your event will be published and ready to start promoting. You can log in anytime, edit your event ad share with your friends.

Step 7 (for Mob Organizers Only)

If you’re a Mob Organizer, you can sell tickets for to your show. Add the ticket header image, stock and ticket details.

Configure your account with your Paypal account in order to receive funds as transactions happen.

On your My Event page, you will see a button that says “Payment Options”. Here you will enter the email associated with your Paypal account. You cannot receive funds if you do not fill this out. Below you will see “Ticket Fee”. this is where you can pick whether you eat the fees or pass them to the buyer. If you wish to pass them to the buyer, click the “Display fees in addition to ticket price”. If you want to pay for the fees and incorporate them into your ticket price, click the “Include fees in ticket price”. When finished click “Save”. Fees can be negotiated. Please email us at to discuss more.

Click here for more about fees.


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