What is the Mob

The Mob’s Press provides this as a service and we’ve really started to grow! Our mob of bloggers is now independently covering the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Toronto’s International Film Festival (TIFF), The Montreal International Jazz Festival, Montreal Sketchfest, FRINGE Festivals, Mode & Design Fashion Show, JFL42, The BEAST Network & BuildaBeast Dance Convention plus all kinds of great street-level festivals, cultural events, hot spots, music concerts, entertainment venues, food & dining locations, trends & reviews plus ticketing.

Johanne Britton, Co-founder of the mob, started covering Montreal comedy back in 2009 with a website called TuJoHaHa, a Montreal-based comedy blog. In 2012 she teamed up with Boss Andy Famous and together they launched what is today called Mobtreal.com – a totally coordinated team of highly skilled bloggers, promoting festivals, culture, and events.  This new ‘Blogging Mob’ is a distinct entity, creating and publishing storms of content on assignments we choose and events brought to our attention by our bloggers.

In 2015, she moved to Toronto and founded her own social media consulting & online management company called JJ’s Press catered to the very artists and industry she had been covering for years. Here she found a dilemma in how to bridge the gap between the two entities.

And cue The Mob’s Press – Now we are rolling out a network of blogs dedicated to helping artists promote their craft and work through event coverage, artists promotions and sending a positive vibe about the arts, comedy and culture happening in its city. We started with Montreal and are now expanding to Toronto, Calgary and in 2017, Los Angeles and New York. It’s an extended service provided by JJ’s Press which fits perfectly with their client base.

Our goal is to promote artists at affordable rates while creating jobs for students and freelancers looking to expand their blogging/photography career.


Blog Cultural Factoid: In Sweden there is a term called ‘Bloggbävning’ which in English means: a blogquake, or “the process by which a topic explodes in the blogosphere and is then picked up by more mainstream media outlets.”

Need Coverage?

Considering hiring the mob to get your social media ‘buzz’ off the ground?

DO IT! Because you’ll get the benefit of a coordinated street team that can seed the web with compelling content, viralize your event amongst influencers; and get real-time event reporting & follow-up blogs, posts, pins, and tweets – causing a ripple effect of awareness while popularizing your event or festival.

Our techniques drive traffic to your event pages and deliver hyper-relevant, hyper-local information to our followers, your followers, and friends of their friends. Leapfrog your competition online, leverage our existing team’s reach for your next event or festival. Sponsor a street team and we’ll set your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and website channels on fire with fresh new patrons, awareness and reach.

How? We deliver ‘live-on-the-ground’ posts, tweets, shares and commentary from your event location(s). Our service is ideal for promoting multi-day festivals, events and conferences using social media.

“We are a blogging Mob for hire. In both official languages”

Want to join the mob?

If you blog, love to attend shows and enjoy meeting new people then we want you! Click the button to find out how you can join the mob.

We are mobbing up with local bloggers to create a breadth of coverage for any event, festival or happening. If accepted as a mobster, you’ll get plenty of social media distribution for your writing, and be a part of a fun team providing deep editorial coverage at hip local events – not to mention the VIP access that comes with it.


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