Mob Artist – B

$49.99 / month

Hire the Mob and get your online management started today!

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Get started by joining the Mob as a Mob Artist and get:

  1. Profile listed on site
  2. Local content syndication
  3. Online content distribution*
  4. Event & ticket services
  5. Professional networking**
  6. 2 Social media posts

You can upgrade your membership at any time. We’re happy to show you how the benefits of being a Mob Artist can help your efforts and help you achieve your goals as a comedian, musician, venue promoter, model, burlesque dancer, festival organizer or local hot spot. All are welcome!

*The Mob’s Press will share your content on our social media channels and our content networks. The quantity and content chosen to share are up to the discretion of The Mob.

**The Mob will give you access to their network of media, venue and festival contacts when the opportunity calls for it.